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Presiding over the classroom

Kansas Supreme Court Justice Caleb Stegall teaches Appellate Advocacy at KU Law. Alumni judges return to KU Law as teachers For future attorneys whose professional success will often hinge on the ruling of a judge, having one as… Read More

Visiting Scholar Spotlight: Yueqing Li

Five questions with Yueqing Li, visiting scholar from China 1. Why did you choose to study at KU Law? How did you learn about our program and establish contact? One of my friends recommended KU to me.When viewing… Read More

Visiting Scholar Spotlight: Bakht Munir

Five questions with Bakht Munir, visiting scholar from Pakistan 1. Why did you choose to study at KU Law? How did you learn about our program and establish contact? There are lots of considerations for selecting KU Law,… Read More

Law and wanderlust

Curiosity, sense of adventure draw student to 7 continents in 10 months Cachet Hancock’s legal education spanned three years and seven continents. The 2017 graduate combined her love of travel with her educational pursuits, visiting all seven continents… Read More

A tumultuous, but rewarding, time to be an attorney

The late Jeremy Bentham once said, “The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.” The truth in Bentham’s words became apparent almost immediately after I started my classes at KU Law. One of the… Read More

Rewards of staying busy

Student finds place in legal community during hectic 2L year You may have heard the old adage: the first year of law school they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death, and the… Read More

Unexpected expert

Legislative committee invites KU Law student to testify on tax credit  Earlier this semester I had the privilege of testifying before the Assessment & Taxation Committee of the Kansas Senate. Of all the unique and interesting experiences KU… Read More

Finding balance

Busy law student, former teacher makes time to mentor children While in law school you may have to give up a few things, like sleep. But you don’t have to give up your passion. I have been working… Read More

From newbie to whiz kid

LEAD program lends novelty status to one of KU’s youngest law students “The best three years of your life that you will never want to experience again.” That was how a current lawyer and mentor described law school… Read More

1L thankful for friends, librarians and theater-worthy hypotheticals

My first semester at KU Law is winding down and Thanksgiving break is this week. During my time as an undergraduate, Thanksgiving was a break from school and work. In law school, all my 2Ls and 3L friends… Read More