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Law school no exception to ‘practice makes perfect’ mantra

Over the last three years, I’ve noticed striking similarities between playing sports and being a law student. Both activities require lots of time and dedication. To excel in either, you must learn the game, discover your strengths and… Read More

Why KU? Tribal law + community

Jacob Wamego, L’14 TRIBAL LAW AND GOVERNMENT CENTER EQUIPS ALUMNUS TO SERVE HIS COMMUNITY “A lot of my relatives were elected officials growing up so I’ve seen how they tried to protect tribal sovereignty, and it was something… Read More

Will this be on the exam? Succeeding in law school with the Coffee Consumption Calculation

When starting law school, there is a common assumption you will finally be relieved of all the math and science you dreaded through undergrad and before. But little did you know, law school is just another three years… Read More

Maintaining a healthy balance in law school

Before applying to law school, I talked to as many people as I could about their law school experiences. The recurring theme was this: “Law school is extremely hard” and “Don’t go to law school unless you are… Read More

Student: Law school strikes ‘balance between competition and congeniality’

When deciding to go to law school, many of the people I consulted told me of the cutthroat practices among law students: classmates ripping pages out of casebooks, destroying each other’s class notes and giving false answers in… Read More

Law school gives 2L the ‘swimming lesson’ she desperately needs

No one pushed me into the deep end of the pool when I was a tot. I had a fear of drowning and resisted formal lessons because swimming in the deep end terrified me. Today I am a… Read More

SUMMER STORY: The pros and cons of starting law school early

My favorite stories to cover as a journalist always came on the crime beat – talking to the cops, suspects and attorneys and sitting through the trials. I loved standing next to the police at the perimeter of… Read More

Confessions of a 1L: I’m in a relationship with my secret library study spot

Not quite sure where my days begin and end at this point. I am also quite sure that my secret study spot on the third floor of the library and I were connected in some past life because,… Read More

Working 5 to 9: A day in the life of a 2L with 2 kids

5:15 a.m.: Unfortunately, this is when I get up. Mondays mean Torts II at 8 a.m. I also share one bathroom with my husband and two boys, so if I want a shower that isn’t interrupted by little… Read More

FROM KANSAS TO THE WORLD: The cutting edge of environmental law

From the moment I submitted my law school applications, I have been certain of one thing: I want to practice environmental law. What I did not know when I first arrived at Green Hall in 2010 is just… Read More