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1L thankful for friends, librarians and theater-worthy hypotheticals

My first semester at KU Law is winding down and Thanksgiving break is this week. During my time as an undergraduate, Thanksgiving was a break from school and work. In law school, all my 2Ls and 3L friends… Read More

Early to law school and loving it

First impressions from an accelerated degree student I am about halfway into my first semester of law school and I can say, without hesitation, that I’ve gotten myself into the most fulfilling, outrageous, exhausting, formative, wonderful journey of… Read More

Couple says ‘thank you’ with gift for future law students

Roger Viola’s KU Law degree has opened many doors in his life, both professionally and personally. He and his wife recently responded by creating a scholarship. Consider it a note of sincere thanks. “I have had the opportunity… Read More

2016 alumnus receives merit scholarship to attend nation’s top-ranked graduate tax program

A 2016 KU Law graduate has earned a scholarship awarded to only a select few students in New York University’s No. 1-ranked graduate tax program. Matthew Schippers, L’16, has been chosen as a recipient of a Tax Law… Read More

Egyptian Fulbright scholar embraces college-town experience while earning doctoral degree

Fulbright scholar Ahmed Mansour is calling Lawrence home for the next three years, and just a semester into his stay, he’s taking the Fulbright’s mission of mutual cooperation and cultural exchange to heart. A native of Luxor, Egypt,… Read More

10 Things Every Law Student Can Relate To

1) When you choose to binge watch “The Good Wife” instead of studying. 2) When you get called on in class but you’ve been on Buzzfeed for the last 15 minutes. 3) When you choose to take the… Read More

Transplant finds ‘second family’ at KU Law

As I prepare to graduate this May, I have been looking back wistfully on my last four years at KU Law. My time has been split between the law school and the Department of East Asian Languages and… Read More

Saying ‘I do’ to marriage, homeownership and law school

We’ve all heard of the Rule of Threes. Things are supposed to be funnier when they happen in threes. Bad things happen in threes. And for me, this year has proven that the adage is true for big… Read More

Zainab Radhi, SJD’15

Professor Raj Bhala and Zainab Radhi, SJD’15, recall their first encounter with wonder and amusement. Radhi was interested in pursuing her Doctor of Juridical Science, and she wanted an expert in international and Islamic law to advise her… Read More

Law school no exception to ‘practice makes perfect’ mantra

Over the last three years, I’ve noticed striking similarities between playing sports and being a law student. Both activities require lots of time and dedication. To excel in either, you must learn the game, discover your strengths and… Read More