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Law school gives 2L the ‘swimming lesson’ she desperately needs

No one pushed me into the deep end of the pool when I was a tot. I had a fear of drowning and resisted formal lessons because swimming in the deep end terrified me. Today I am a… Read More

SUMMER STORY: The pros and cons of starting law school early

My favorite stories to cover as a journalist always came on the crime beat – talking to the cops, suspects and attorneys and sitting through the trials. I loved standing next to the police at the perimeter of… Read More

Confessions of a 1L: I’m in a relationship with my secret library study spot

Not quite sure where my days begin and end at this point. I am also quite sure that my secret study spot on the third floor of the library and I were connected in some past life because,… Read More

Working 5 to 9: A day in the life of a 2L with 2 kids

5:15 a.m.: Unfortunately, this is when I get up. Mondays mean Torts II at 8 a.m. I also share one bathroom with my husband and two boys, so if I want a shower that isn’t interrupted by little… Read More

FROM KANSAS TO THE WORLD: The cutting edge of environmental law

From the moment I submitted my law school applications, I have been certain of one thing: I want to practice environmental law. What I did not know when I first arrived at Green Hall in 2010 is just… Read More

Recovering liberal arts major: Law school teaching me ‘how to actually be useful to people’

Liberal arts majors are among the worst kinds of people. I can say that because I am one. We think we know so much because of our well-rounded education, and we “just love learning” and don’t really have… Read More

Keeping it together: Surviving my first semester as a law school parent

When I made the decision to go back to school, I knew it wouldn’t be easy: I’m also the mother of two boys, ages four and six. Making the decision to head back into school is a huge… Read More

Work-life balance keeps first-year student sane

In law school, there’s a saying that goes: “The first year, they scare you to death; the second year, they work you to death; and the third year, they bore you to death.” As a first year, I… Read More

Apple of his eye: On achieving harmony with the iPhone

I wake up before my alarm goes off and lie in bed as the warm air blows gently across me. I stand up and trot over to the blinds to see if the weather corresponds to its forecast…. Read More

You’ve been admitted…is KU Law right for you?

Sunny skies and blooming trees welcomed potential students from near and far to Green Hall for the Admitted Students Open House. Admitted students attended from states across the country, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas. If you… Read More