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Back to the grind: a 3L’s perspective on the beginning of a new school year

Once again, it’s the beginning of another school year and I’m sitting around wondering where my summer went. I spent a good portion of my summer studying for the MPRE and working in the Rockhurst University Athletics Department… Read More

Learning the law in London

My name is Josh Williamson, and I am currently a 3L here at the University of Kansas School of Law. During the 2010 spring semester, I had the opportunity to study law in London as a participant of… Read More

Countdown to the return of the Supremes

After a summer break, the Supremes will be coming back. So what does their end-of-summer look like leading up to Oct. 4? A return from summer fun stuff. Many of the Supremes spend time in foreign countries teaching… Read More

Law librarian, comic book fan sees superhero personalities in lawyers

For those who don’t know, I have been a fan of comic books pretty much my entire life. And much like anybody who is a fan of any type of fiction, be it Harry Potter, Twilight or D.C.’s… Read More

First-day jitters and first-year myths

Green Hall was abuzz last Thursday morning with the excited chatter of first-year law students. KU Law faculty and staff welcomed another class of bright and motivated students with continental breakfast, several orientation programs and the first of… Read More

Google and Westlaw had a baby and WestSearch is its name, O!

Beginning this fall, KU Law faculty, staff and students will have access to Westlaw’s newest product: WestlawNext. I am going to try my best to not get into the super-geeky details here. Also, I’m going to avoid quoting… Read More

Top 8 misconceptions about legal research

I am in charge of the legal research instruction as part of the Lawyering Skills course. Over the past three years, I have heard (and read) several things students have said about legal research. Before we have a… Read More

Bureau of Justice Statistics website makes crime stats freely available

In need of crime statistics and don’t know where to look? Try the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics! The Bureau of Justice Statistics (B.J.S.) was first established on Dec. 27, 1979, under the Justice Systems… Read More would be bold experiment in one-stop shopping for legal research

Have you heard about No? Well then, let me tell you! is a proposed repository for legal materials, open-sourced and open to the public. Included would be all primary materials of the United States and international… Read More

Listbean website helps users organize life’s little details

When you prepare to study for class, get ready for vacation or create a budget, what’s the first thing you do? If you answered, “make a list,” then I have a website for you! It’s called Listbean, and… Read More