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Witchcraft trials

Less than a week until Halloween and we definitely do not have a shortage of witches in the news. From Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s campaign ad to the Witch’s Wit beer label controversy, October is definitely the… Read More

Wine Law

This past weekend I presented at a Law Library conference in San Francisco. One of the presentations I attended was a short run-down on wine law. I found the history utterly fascinating! I won’t go into to much… Read More

The power of positive psychology: part two

In our last Career Services blog posting, we introduced the field of positive psychology and its potential impact on law students and lawyers. To review, positive psychology is the science of exceptional human performance. Researchers in the field… Read More

Researching Native American Law

Native American law covers the body of law concerning American Indian tribes and their interactions with federal and state authorities, as well as among themselves. Historically, Native American law has been chiefly influenced and shaped by federal Indian… Read More

Wheat Law Library celebrates Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week September 25−October 2, 2010 This is Banned Books Week (BBW), an annual event celebrating the freedom to read and the importance of the First Amendment. Held during the last week of September, from Saturday to… Read More

The power of positive psychology: part one

The recession is lingering like an unwelcome house guest. The legal job market is improving, but slower than anyone wants. The honeymoon stage of the fall semester is over. Law school reading assignments are likely piling up. Days… Read More

Back to the grind: a 3L’s perspective on the beginning of a new school year

Once again, it’s the beginning of another school year and I’m sitting around wondering where my summer went. I spent a good portion of my summer studying for the MPRE and working in the Rockhurst University Athletics Department… Read More

Learning the law in London

My name is Josh Williamson, and I am currently a 3L here at the University of Kansas School of Law. During the 2010 spring semester, I had the opportunity to study law in London as a participant of… Read More

Countdown to the return of the Supremes

After a summer break, the Supremes will be coming back. So what does their end-of-summer look like leading up to Oct. 4? A return from summer fun stuff. Many of the Supremes spend time in foreign countries teaching… Read More

Law librarian, comic book fan sees superhero personalities in lawyers

For those who don’t know, I have been a fan of comic books pretty much my entire life. And much like anybody who is a fan of any type of fiction, be it Harry Potter, Twilight or D.C.’s… Read More