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THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED Bar exam next hurdle in journey to firm ownership

Editor’s note: Zach Roberson and Carlos Hernandez are recent graduates of the University of Kansas School of Law. Following the bar exam and a short internship, they will be opening a law firm in Olathe, Kan. In a… Read More

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED Trio to chronicle transition from law students to firm owners

Editor’s note: Zach Roberson, Carlos Hernandez and David Smith (left to right above) are 3Ls at the University of Kansas School of Law, set to graduate on May 12, 2012. Following graduation and the bar exam, they will… Read More

Law school survival tips from a recent graduate: Simplify your life and warn your loved ones

First-year boot camp has ended, and regular classes have begun. Many of you are still a bit dizzy from all of the new responsibilities that law school has thrust upon you. Fresh out of law school, the Wheat… Read More