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My Summer Internship: Learning military justice in the JAG Corps

This summer I was given the incredible opportunity to work as an extern with the U.S. Army Trial Defense Service (TDS) at Fort Leavenworth. Because of my Army background, I knew that I wanted to work with the… Read More

My Summer Internship: Fighting for access to justice at LAWMO

This summer I was given the incredible opportunity to work for LAWMO (Legal Aid of Western Missouri). LAWMO is a legal services nonprofit that assists low-income individuals in the Kansas City metro area and beyond. One of the… Read More

What Happened in Wichita

It’s 12:55 PM. My web browser is open and my fingers, clammy with sweat, have just finished typing an email crafted to execute a very particular objective. My cursor hovers over the “send” button. It has to be… Read More

Why KU Law? Affordability + quality of life

Amanda Angell, L’15 As an experienced professional, wife and mother of two young children, Amanda Angell had to weigh the pragmatic aspects of law school along with her career aspirations. Angell taught music but felt drawn to a… Read More

Why KU Law? Affordability + portability

Justin Hendrix, L’09 AFFORDABLE PRICE, DEGREE PORTABILITY ALLOW ALUMNUS TO PURSUE PASSIONS Justin Hendrix studied nuclear and mechanical engineering as an undergraduate, but it was an internship in Washington, D.C., that ignited his interest in law and public… Read More

‘Everywhere you’ve lived and all the jobs you’ve ever had’: Tips from a 3L to prepare for the final year of law school

As my time at Green Hall winds down, I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learned. I’m not talking about which classes to take or how to study. Instead, as I scramble to finish my bar application by… Read More

KU Law alumna Cathleen Carothers shares diverse experiences in foreign service

In October, the International Law Society (ILS) hosted Cathleen Carothers, L’99, a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State. Carothers presented her observations and answered questions on her career in the Foreign Service. Carothers has served… Read More

Is law school really worth a million dollars?

When I advise students about law school, I advise them to view the decision to attend law school as a career decision, not as a financial one. That being said, common sense, experience and Bureau of Labor Statistics… Read More

Summer at small-town firm yields ‘little taste of everything’

So here we are, once again, starting a new year in ol’ Green Hall. After spending the summer scattered across the globe, we, the law students, have started to reconvene. And with the fall semester upon us, we… Read More

Student finds path to LGBT advocacy through KU Law

Jake McMillian didn’t think Kansas was a progressive enough place to launch his career, but KU Law proved him wrong. Now, with a year of law school under his belt, he’s working and advocating for LGBT rights in… Read More