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The ‘best bet to succeed:’ 2L and Navy Reservist supports KU’s student veterans

Army Specialist Spencer Duncan was serving in Afghanistan when his helicopter was shot down in 2011, killing him and 37 other U.S. troops and support personnel. Last month, 2L Derek Kandt, president of KU’s Student Veterans of America,… Read More

Cowboy hats & friendly adversaries

Student gets a taste of life and law in southwest Kansas Call me Buck. Several days ago – never mind how many exactly – having little or no belt buckles in my dresser and nothing specific to interest… Read More

My Summer Internship: Getting familiar with the justice system at the federal courthouse

I finished my first year of law school pretty unsure of what type of legal career I was interested in. I thought KU’s Judicial Clinic would fit well with my 1L skill set and provide exposure to a… Read More

My Summer Internship: Sorting out the ships worth saving at the Department of Labor

This summer, I have been working as an assistant investigator for the Employee Benefits Security Administration in the Department of Labor’s Kansas City office. My duties are to audit private employer health insurance and pension plans in order… Read More

My Summer Internship: Advancing LGBT rights on the front lines

I have spent three months of my 2015 summer working on Wall Street overlooking the East River in Manhattan. Before I took the flight out of KCI, I had to say that the entire idea was incredibly daunting…. Read More

My Summer Internship: Learning military justice in the JAG Corps

This summer I was given the incredible opportunity to work as an extern with the U.S. Army Trial Defense Service (TDS) at Fort Leavenworth. Because of my Army background, I knew that I wanted to work with the… Read More

My Summer Internship: Fighting for access to justice at LAWMO

This summer I was given the incredible opportunity to work for LAWMO (Legal Aid of Western Missouri). LAWMO is a legal services nonprofit that assists low-income individuals in the Kansas City metro area and beyond. One of the… Read More

What Happened in Wichita

It’s 12:55 PM. My web browser is open and my fingers, clammy with sweat, have just finished typing an email crafted to execute a very particular objective. My cursor hovers over the “send” button. It has to be… Read More

Why KU Law? Affordability + quality of life

Amanda Angell, L’15 As an experienced professional, wife and mother of two young children, Amanda Angell had to weigh the pragmatic aspects of law school along with her career aspirations. Angell taught music but felt drawn to a… Read More

Why KU Law? Affordability + portability

Justin Hendrix, L’09 AFFORDABLE PRICE, DEGREE PORTABILITY ALLOW ALUMNUS TO PURSUE PASSIONS Justin Hendrix studied nuclear and mechanical engineering as an undergraduate, but it was an internship in Washington, D.C., that ignited his interest in law and public… Read More