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Happy Geek Pride Day from a Wheat Law librarian and self-proclaimed geek

My name is Blake, and I’m a geek. It’s true. For those of you who know me, this comes as no surprise. But for those who don’t, it’s not a difficult conclusion to draw. I am a law… Read More

Library’s Kagan page provides one-stop shop for information on the Supreme Court nominee

The University of Michigan Law Library’s informational Web page for the latest nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, was created May 10 by reference librarian Kincaid Brown within hours of the announcement. It is… Read More

Law librarians share words of wisdom with graduating class

I have worked here at the University of Kansas Wheat Law Library for just over three years. Technically, I, too, am a 3L. The first class I taught was the 2007 summer starters, but really that was a… Read More

New HeinOnline resource opens door to world’s constitutions and more

HeinOnline now has available World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents & Resources. World Constitutions Illustrated is now available as an a la carte library which introduces a brand new legal research platform that brings together constitutional documents,… Read More

National Library Workers Day

Today, thousands of communities will celebrate National Library Workers Day (NLWD), a time when library staff, patrons, administrators and Friends groups will recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers. You are invited to name a “Star”… Read More

National Library Week at the Wheat Law Library

National Library Week is observed this year from April 11 through April 17 with the theme “Communities thrive @ your library.” The first sponsored National Library Week was in 1958, and the American Library Association (ALA) has continued… Read More

Legal research? There’s an app for that

Picture these scenerios: Oh man! What was that case again? I know it was in Virginia and it had something to do with comic books and obscenity law. Grrrr… You know what would rock? If I could make… Read More

Wheat Law Library’s Five Laws of the Law Library

Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan (1892-1972) was considered the father of library science in India. He developed what has been widely accepted as the definitive statement of ideal library service. His “Five Laws of Library Science” (1931) is a classic… Read More