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Why KU Law? People, practical experience

Jordan Carter, L’15 3L savors practical opportunities in welcoming environment As an undergraduate, Jordan Carter studied problems. The third-year law student majored in women and gender studies and psychology, becoming well-versed in social injustices. After graduation, she wanted… Read More

Traffic Court puts 1L in fast lane to litigation experience

I’ll tell you right now, your first year of law school is a lot of reading and writing. Although reading and writing will be a large part of any attorney’s job, other skills like client communication, oral argumentation,… Read More

Lawyer suits, eye patches and peg legs, oh my!

Back in February, KU’s international moot court team traveled to Denver, Colorado to compete in the 55th annual Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. The Jessup Moot Court competition is the world’s largest moot court competition,… Read More

From Africa to Lawrence and back: One student’s journey

Law school was always part of “the plan” for me. I did not know what I wanted from it or what it could give me, though I gave my best guess in my personal statement. When classes began,… Read More

Law school gives 2L the ‘swimming lesson’ she desperately needs

No one pushed me into the deep end of the pool when I was a tot. I had a fear of drowning and resisted formal lessons because swimming in the deep end terrified me. Today I am a… Read More

Summer in Bangladesh yields scholarship, philanthropy opportunities for students studying garment industry

KU Law students Madeline Heeren and Aqmar Rahman planned to spend the summer after their first year of law school in Bangladesh studying the garment industry. Just weeks before their departure, a commercial building in the capital of… Read More

Student finds path to LGBT advocacy through KU Law

Jake McMillian didn’t think Kansas was a progressive enough place to launch his career, but KU Law proved him wrong. Now, with a year of law school under his belt, he’s working and advocating for LGBT rights in… Read More

Three clinics later, 3L flush with practical experience and more focused in job search

The University of Kansas School of Law provides students with 13 clinical opportunities. As a nontraditional law student, I find that the clinical opportunities are my favorite experiences at the law school. Over the past three years, I… Read More

Traffic Court experience drives home vital advocacy skills

My new tie felt like a noose tightening around my neck. The suit chafed against me. I couldn’t breathe. My hands shook. Cold nausea rolled over me. But there was no backing out now. I shuffled my evidence,… Read More

Biodiversity Law In Paradise (1/15/2013)

Every year, the students in Biodiversity Law travel with Professor Andrew W. Torrance to the Virgin Islands (U.S. and British) for an intensive week-long fieldtrip. This is the dispatch from January 15, which originally appeared on Torrance’s blog… Read More