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Getting involved at KU Law

KU Law affords students countless opportunities to tailor a legal education to meet your personality. Combined with a smaller to mid-sized student body and comparable to other reputable law schools, students receive the individualized attention foundational to a… Read More

Organization for ‘non-traditionals’ provides support and camaraderie

Today, I was chatting with classmates about media coverage of high-profile cases and how it affects the jury pool. To provide an example, I commented on the intense coverage as the nation watched a white Bronco run the… Read More

The Power of Positive Psychology: Part Three

In the first two postings about Positive Psychology on Sept. 24 and Oct. 8, we introduced its application to lawyers and law students and briefly discussed some relatively simple steps that can lead to more satisfaction and sustainable… Read More

Making law school friends

I remember starting law school last year and wondering if it would be hard to find friends here at Green Hall. It turns out that between small sections and Student Bar Association (SBA) football tailgates it really isn’t… Read More

KU Law: MADD about making a difference!

Waking up at 8am on a Saturday isn’t usually the first thing students want to do. However, on October 2nd, 44 students and 13 alumni woke up bright and early to volunteer for the 3rd Make a Difference… Read More

The power of positive psychology: part two

In our last Career Services blog posting, we introduced the field of positive psychology and its potential impact on law students and lawyers. To review, positive psychology is the science of exceptional human performance. Researchers in the field… Read More

My (fun) first-year experiences

Rather than whine about how challenging and difficult the first year of law school is (I do that enough on Facebook), I’m choosing to write about something you never hear from a first year student: law school can… Read More

KU Public Interest Law Society off to a busy start

The year is off to a good start for the KU Public Interest Law Society (KUPILS). Our hallmark event, Casino Night, is shaping up to be a hit, in no small part, because of the generous donation by… Read More

Lawrence abounds with activities even for the budget-conscious

My name is Juliette Nguyen and I am a 1L at KU Law. I have had many recent conversations with my classmates who did not attend KU for their undergraduate degree. It appears that there are students not… Read More

The power of positive psychology: part one

The recession is lingering like an unwelcome house guest. The legal job market is improving, but slower than anyone wants. The honeymoon stage of the fall semester is over. Law school reading assignments are likely piling up. Days… Read More