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Getting by with a little help from friends, and the perfect study spot

If you’re scoping out the perfect law school, you’re probably wondering about where to live, the local establishments where you can successfully avoid undergrads (and professors), the parking availability, the friendliness of faculty, or how transferable your J.D…. Read More

Your brain on law school

Before applying to law school, most people focus on when to take the LSAT, which law schools to visit, and what would be a good topic for their personal statement. No reasonable and prudent person would possibly consider… Read More

Welcoming the new school year with an infusion of diverse backgrounds, experiences

Green Hall is almost in full swing again for fall. The new 1Ls are on Day 3 of the Entering Student Program. Today it’s ethics and professionalism, an introduction to the Kansas Bar, lunch with small sections and… Read More