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A new calling

Bryce Langford, L’16 For Bryce Langford, pursuing a law degree meant giving up the family business. “I worked as a pastor for eight years,” Langford said. “My wife’s parents and my parents and grandparents were pastors. For us… Read More

Sisters in law

Jacque Patton & Grecia Perez, L’16 For many, the friendships born in Green Hall last long past graduation. But some students gain more than study partners, becoming roommates, colleagues and lifelong friends. Class of 2016 members Jacque Patton… Read More

Student: Law school strikes ‘balance between competition and congeniality’

When deciding to go to law school, many of the people I consulted told me of the cutthroat practices among law students: classmates ripping pages out of casebooks, destroying each other’s class notes and giving false answers in… Read More

Student reprising audition for ‘American Ninja Warrior’ relieves law school stress through training

I first heard of the television show, “American Ninja Warrior” (ANW), when one of my classmates confessed that he could not stop watching it. I stifled a laugh as I thought of “Wipeout,” a television show intended to… Read More

Practice makes perfect: recent moot court successes highlight importance of courtroom skills

From left, Joshua Hawley, Jill Moenius, Glen Norton, Eddie Penner and James Layton. Nathan Lindsey and Chris Omlid. You might have heard about the recent successes of the KU Law Moot Court Council in big time competitions. Third-year… Read More

Bluebook relays

As a 1L, I have become very familiar with the Bluebook. The Bluebook is a law school student’s best and worst friend. It’s quick to help you out when you have a citation question, but it will also… Read More