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Tips from a departing 3L

With graduation just a few months away, 3L Sophia Dinkel took a break from post-law school planning to offer words of wisdom to future Jayhawk lawyers-in-training.  As a 3L departing from law school in May, here are a… Read More

El Paso native finds her niche at KU Law

Challenging coursework, enriching leadership experiences, practical learning opportunities recipe for graduate’s success Sylvia Hernandez is the first to note that her transition to law school wasn’t an easy one. Moving from El Paso, Texas, to Lawrence required a… Read More

Business owner, student, mom

Graduate’s student experience enriched by expanding roles Some babies are rocked to sleep with lullabies. Taylor Ray’s daughter Emma was lulled into slumber with voice recordings of Professor Webb Hecker’s Mergers and Acquisitions lectures. In the midst of… Read More

Learning litigation on the Arizona-Mexico border

I had always thought about going to law school as a kid but never truly had an opportunity to see what life is like as an attorney until I had my first legal internship as an undergraduate. As… Read More

A window into the policy process: Grant Treaster, L’15

Participating in Professor Jennifer Schmidt’s Public Policy Clinic convinced Grant Treaster of the value of gaining legal research and policy analysis skills in a hands-on learning environment. When enrollment opened for Professor Schmidt’s Legislative Clinic, Treaster took advantage… Read More

Graduate Profile: Caroline Gurney, L’15 & Tyler Manson, L’15

Caroline Gurney and Tyler Manson met on the first day of law school orientation and began dating the following semester. “Our ‘first date’ was when my car ran out of gas as I was driving home from class… Read More

Shpoonkle: Employment opportunity or ethical dilemma?

Image from Shpoonkle.com “Just because a lawyer can afford to buy a $10,000 billboard on the highway doesn’t make him a better lawyer,” said Robert Grant Niznik, the founder of an unusual online legal service. Perhaps even more… Read More

Law school grades not most important hiring criterion for firms

If you’re dead set on making great grades in law school to land a job, you’re overlooking something even more important. At least, that’s what the National Jurist magazine found when it polled hiring partners at mid-sized law… Read More