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Reflections from a departing 3L

As I write this blog, I have just 33 days left of law school (not that I’m counting). Yes, you can graduate in December of your third year. Be a summer starter — it pays off in many… Read More

Life is like a giant law school class

Law school is an all-encompassing endeavor. Although challenging, it can be incredibly gratifying and rewarding. Law school really makes you think. There is liability everywhere. The world is a walking torts book. Sometimes I miss the old days… Read More

‘An 8-to-5 gig with a whole lot of overtime’

Nontraditional student balances law school, parenthood Kriston Guillot interns at the Douglas County Legal Aid Society and Legal Services for Students, is president of the 3L class, serves as a Traffic Court justice and KU Law Student Ambassador, is… Read More

Living for the memories, not the glory

Arizona transplant finds friendship, community at KU Law “How do you like KU Law so far?” is the question people ask me most often as a Student Ambassador. My best response is to describe the way KU Law… Read More

Studying Biodiversity Law in the Virgin Islands

Over winter break when many of my peers were braving the cold Kansas winter, I found myself attending law school in the Caribbean. While others sat indoors recovering from their holiday feasts, I was swimming, snorkeling, boating and… Read More

At KU Law, you can be whoever you are

Aside from my short stint as a Grandview Gator, I have been a Wildcat since middle school. The mascots of both my middle school and high school were of the feline persuasion, and I attended Kansas State University,… Read More

Confessions of a 1L: I’m in a relationship with my secret library study spot

Not quite sure where my days begin and end at this point. I am also quite sure that my secret study spot on the third floor of the library and I were connected in some past life because,… Read More

First-year law student, second-year wife

In my experience, the transformation from everyday person to law school student is oddly similar to getting married. You think you know exactly what you’re doing and how to succeed, and a month in you realize you really… Read More

Election Day captures KU’s unwaveringly inclusive spirit

When my siblings and I were growing up, my mother – being the socially prudent and impeccably mannered woman that she is – instructed us to never, under any circumstances, engage new acquaintances on the topic of politics…. Read More

A glimpse into the high-stress world of Planet OCS: from Marine to law student

No joke, stepping off that bus was like stepping into another dimension. Behind you was the world you knew: you were familiar with this world, you had a pretty good idea how it worked and you thought you… Read More