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10 Things Every Law Student Can Relate To

1) When you choose to binge watch “The Good Wife” instead of studying. 2) When you get called on in class but you’ve been on Buzzfeed for the last 15 minutes. 3) When you choose to take the… Read More

3L Joni Bodnar with baby Kendall in class

Pregnant in Law School | Part 5: Adjusting to law school life as the mother of a newborn

The first week after having baby Kendall was a blur of visitors, along with trying to recover from surgery. I was healing well enough that I could stop taking pain killers just six days after my C-section, which… Read More

I get by with a little help from my friends

I began a little routine during my last semester of my 3L year at KU Law. It starts with dragging myself out of bed and giving myself a pep talk as I blankly stare into my closet for… Read More

Student organization spotlight: American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society at KU Law brings together students, lawyers, and judges who favor a progressive, rather than regressive, reading of the U.S. Constitution. We view other people as fellow citizens of a larger national community and… Read More

You’ve been admitted…is KU Law right for you?

Sunny skies and blooming trees welcomed potential students from near and far to Green Hall for the Admitted Students Open House. Admitted students attended from states across the country, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas. If you… Read More

Annual Pub Games fundraiser tonight!

The KU International Law Society (ILS) invites you to take part in its annual Pub Games fundraiser — a night to converse around the keg and put your brains and brawn to the test! This year, tournament games… Read More